Are you tired of playing small?

Sick of being stuck?

Ready to grow and flourish spiritually so the rest of your life does the same?

As a coaching client, you will identify and bridge the gaps between where you are NOW in your life and where you want to be. You’ll be challenged to see things differently, encouraged to focus on the solution, and celebrated as you learn to get out of your own way and live the life worthy of your calling.

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Kathy coaches virtually, over the computer or phone, as well as in person. She is eager to support you in discovering who you really are so you live the life you were created to live. If you want to really accelerate the discovery and solution process, include some time interacting with our dynamic, soulful

herd of horses. Immediate, honest feedback on how you show up moment by moment shines a light on the patterns and thoughts that are causing the most problems.

(No previous horse experience is necessary. All interactions take place on the ground; no riding is involved. Options are available for local and distance clients to work with the horses.)

Whether you seek a better way to think, healing for your soul or accountability for your actions, Kathy and her herd are uniquely able to give you what you need most.

Coaching with Kathy has made a permanent change to some things that were holding me back. Now instead of being fearful or sabotaging myself, I‘m able to move forward.

~ L. Armbruster, Dallas, TX

I have come away from this with new enthusiasm, direction and motivation.

~K. Getz. Fort Worth, TX

Kathy continues to be with me every step of the way in my journey. She is keenly insightful and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. She provides practical tools that I have been able to use and I am seeing positive results.

~S. Ray, Atlanta, GA


Kathy speaks at churches, conferences, colleges and corporations about personal leadership, communication, identity and purpose. What makes her unique is her memorable and impactful blending of life lessons learned from horses, God and the lives around her. 


Kathy’s workshops address leadership, relationship and communication in unconventional, yet powerful ways. Whether it’s coloring for adults or engaging in a little horseplay, you will be sure to leave having had a lot of fun and more aware of yourself and others at many different levels. 

Leadership and Horses

Small groups or teams of 3-12 participants interact with horses on the ground (no riding) to discover patterns of behavior. We then explore the thinking and feeling behind the behavior and determine if the root needs to be fertilized or replaced.

Coloring for Adults

An interactive workshop for any size group (5-500) to boost your creativity, increase your mindfulness and sense of being “present” and reduce your stress through coloring. Each participant receives a copy of Peace: A Coloring Journal for Adults.