Solving a problem requires that you look at things differently; from a different perspective.

HerdWise helps leaders identify and close the gaps between the leader they are now and the one they want to be. Effective leaderships skill are essential for everyone, not just those with a title. Whether you are a leader at home, at work or at school (or you want to be one), when you take the step into the HerdWise arena, you emerge more aware, more confident and more decisive.

Do you need to:

  • Communicate more effectively?
  • Find the balance between assertive and aggressive?
  • Understand and adjust to motivate others more genuinely?
  • Improve your confidence, empathy and self-worth?
  • Learn when to influence and when to “go with the flow”?
  • Learn when to apply different leadership styles?
  • Develop your resiliency so you bounce back faster after a set back?

Join Kathy Taylor and her dynamic four-footed team for a powerful experience that will change your life.

“This experience was definitely worth the time and resources! Each interaction with the horses built toward better awareness, understanding and insight. We can use the lessons of flexibility, patience and collaboration to be better at work.”


David Cozzens

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, TCU

“It’s wonderful how the horses show much more clearly what we do inside our heads—and we just don’t realize it. Now that I’m aware, I can be more intentional in my leadership.”

Sandi Mitchell

Apex Leadership Coaching

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“It was a great way to learn about leadership styles in an ‘out of the box’ way.”

Lisa Flowers

President, East Parker County Chamber of Commerce

I know. You have questions.

Here are a few of the ones we hear most often.

How is a horse going to teach me anything?

As prey animals, horses are keenly aware of everything in their environment and when it changes—including you. They are experts at non-verbal communication (the 90% that we tend to ignore at our peril) and can demonstrate how we “show up” in different situations. Their honest and immediate feedback allows us to examine our thoughts and intentions and explore different options. For some specific examples Watch Kathy’s TEDx talk about learning from horses. 

What if I’m afraid of horses?

First of all, you’re not alone. Horses are large animals with a presence that most of us are not familiar with. Our herd includes two miniature horses that quickly reduce anxiety in most folks. You won’t forced or coerced to participate in any activities (and you can learn a lot from intentional observation), but our clients have found that the experience of facing their fears has positive influences in other areas of their life. 

What about riding the horses? 

All our workshops and sessions are conducted on the ground. There’s no riding. This creates a different kind of relationship between horse and human that causes you to respond differently and allows you to notice things you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

“I learned a lot about modeling and developing a cohesive vision from these horses. It illustrated how successful I can be if I’m more aware.”

Ron Fory

The Fory Group

“Thank you for the outstanding transformational experience with HerdWise . It was a very memorable and valuable afternoon that has helped to change our paradigm of communication with our patients.”

Jay Haynes, MD

Senior Medical Director, JPS Hospital, Fort Worth, TX